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A New Year....... same result!
Looks like the end of the year didn't really go according to plan for SM. :O ............and there is certainly going to be some monologuing here!

With SG away at a New Years Eve party, SM thought she would have a nice quiet night in...........well she sort of a way.......just not the way she was planning on or, for that matter, hoping for.....

As she settled down to watch a movie and have a glass or two of red wine, she got the call.....The Harbour District gang had been spotted entering the Museum, and seeing as that establishment closed several hours ago automatically put SM in to heroine mode. At last, this was the chance she had been waiting collar the gang once and for all.

Alas............the call was a hoax *sigh* sent by the gang themselves for the very purpose of luring SM in to their trap.......and boy did it work out good for them!

Four on to one are never good odds. Four on to one plus chloroform are even worse...not to mention the gang were already prepared and waiting in ambush for our plucky heroine. 
So good try, but lights out again, SuperMum............................

*Sometime later*..................

"Well, well, looks like our new pet is finally awake. For a minute there I thought I'd used too much chloroform", a deriding voice from out of the darkness penetrated SM's still numbed mind.
"I hope you like your new Super Suit. Much more appropriate for you, don't you think"? the voice mocked again. "Oh and I hope it's not too tight...... SuperSlave. Still, nevermind eh. You will make a most excellent display for our new exhibition opening soon".

"And don't worry about Supreme Girl my dear. We have your Super Com, and will be sending out your distress signal to her soon enough. I'm sure she'll walk straight in to our trap just like you", the voice trailed off................................................................

End the Year on a High....and No Monologuing
Happy Xmas to all at DA! :thumbsup:

Seeing as this is my last one before the insanity of Xmas truly hits, I leave you with the picture that SM and SG used as the cover for this years Christmas Cards!

*It would seem our two purveyors of justice have learned a thing or two from all their previous experiences with these villainesses and have truly turned the tables!! ;)

It was just unfortunate that Bend, Stretch, Daddy's Girl and The Ringu Sisters managed to evade capture and were last seen running (in a very 'Team America : World Police' way) to the hills, and according to reports, just kept on going!! Sidekicks.....what can you do??!!

Now if only The Sisters of No Mercy had also been apprehended then all would be well this festive season, but seeing as they haven't been heard from in months, it looks like SM and SG will actually get to enjoy this holiday. :thumbsup:........... :shifty: Bwahahahahahahahaha.............
A Net Profit
Or, seeing as it's Panto season................."It's above you", the watching crowd would cry out.

But alas, there is no crowd and this isn't a pantomime! Just a rather over confident SM about to walk, or rather stealthily sneak, in to another trap - this time involving a well placed net and a knockout gas emitting fake web cam.

And she thought she had it in the bag, having eluded all the previous traps to get to this point! :(
A Prelude to Disaster......
Actually it's a prelude to… but you get the idea.

Always keep your wits about you, know your surroundings and more importantly just who is around!

Something SM is just to find out the hard way having assumed the henchwoman was down for the count and SG had everything under control.
Chalk One Up For The Good Gals

What goes around, comes they say.

Having escaped from the clutches of certain superheroine-iffic humiliation (apparently the whole gang went out for a movie and ice cream leaving our heroine unsupervised!), SuperMum sets out her plan with Supreme Girl for a little bit of the old payback..

Five against two should have made for a tougher fight, however this time SM and SG made sure there were no hidden surprises awaiting them.
"They're gonna need more people", Supreme Girl grinned to her mother as they stepped out to confront the villains.

It was Daddy's Girl who made the first move, and the first mistake, rushing straight toward SuperMum, despite the protestations from StepMom for her to stay calm. Her forward progress was instantly halted as her face met with SM's fist.

And then the fun began!

Supreme Girl darting left and right, avoiding Lucinite and taking out Bend with a single punch (even having time to dump the villainous sidekick in to a nearby trash bin) before setting her sights on Stretch.
In the meantime, SuperMum ran forward, grasped a nearby lamppost, spun gracefully around and landed a full on kick to the face of Lucinite.The satisfying crack as boot met chin made her smirk, although her eyes never left the static figure of StepMom, standing seemingly in shock at the scene playing out before her.

StepMom's brain was trying to compute just what the heck was happening as she watched the heroine land just in front of her, and saw a fist getting closer and closer.

"Ah...cra...", was all she managed before joining her villainous comrades in the land of nod.


The rumours that after the fight, a ticket stub was found at the scene, admitting 5 for "Bridget Jone's Baby" have yet to be substantiated! :o



Just hanging out
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I've lost track of the number of times, I've rendered a picture and studied it for what seems ages and everything looks fine so submitted it.

As soon as it's submitted, I look again and immediately *BANG* see something I don't like (normally the whole thing :omg: ), or something is out of place or a glaring error that I just didn't pick up on before, despite having been staring at the picture for about ten minutes previously. I will swear blind that it was ok before I submitted least it looked ok to me! 

Anyway, I've resigned myself that this is always going to happen, unless I gain some patience and wait another day before checking and submitting, and even then I bet I see something else two seconds after it's submitted! :(

Am I alone in this? I have a feeling I probably am.
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