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A Prelude to Disaster...... by Tuffers-Art
A Prelude to Disaster......
Actually it's a prelude to… but you get the idea.

Always keep your wits about you, know your surroundings and more importantly just who is around!

Something SM is just to find out the hard way having assumed the henchwoman was down for the count and SG had everything under control.
Chalk One Up For The Good Gals by Tuffers-Art
Chalk One Up For The Good Gals

What goes around, comes they say.

Having escaped from the clutches of certain superheroine-iffic humiliation (apparently the whole gang went out for a movie and ice cream leaving our heroine unsupervised!), SuperMum sets out her plan with Supreme Girl for a little bit of the old payback..

Five against two should have made for a tougher fight, however this time SM and SG made sure there were no hidden surprises awaiting them.
"They're gonna need more people", Supreme Girl grinned to her mother as they stepped out to confront the villains.

It was Daddy's Girl who made the first move, and the first mistake, rushing straight toward SuperMum, despite the protestations from StepMom for her to stay calm. Her forward progress was instantly halted as her face met with SM's fist.

And then the fun began!

Supreme Girl darting left and right, avoiding Lucinite and taking out Bend with a single punch (even having time to dump the villainous sidekick in to a nearby trash bin) before setting her sights on Stretch.
In the meantime, SuperMum ran forward, grasped a nearby lamppost, spun gracefully around and landed a full on kick to the face of Lucinite.The satisfying crack as boot met chin made her smirk, although her eyes never left the static figure of StepMom, standing seemingly in shock at the scene playing out before her.

StepMom's brain was trying to compute just what the heck was happening as she watched the heroine land just in front of her, and saw a fist getting closer and closer.

"Ah...cra...", was all she managed before joining her villainous comrades in the land of nod.


The rumours that after the fight, a ticket stub was found at the scene, admitting 5 for "Bridget Jone's Baby" have yet to be substantiated! :o

Halloween 2016 by Tuffers-Art
Halloween 2016
Trick or Treat indeed!

Ambushed with knockout gas by Cheetah, a helpless Wonder Woman is dumped in to the back of a van and driven miles to a secluded graveyard, where the feline villainess begins her nefarious plan to deal with the Amazon Princess once and for all.

Slowly awakening Wondie finds herself bound and held fast within her concrete coffin! :O Although she still had her belt, this was negated by the mask strapped over her face ensuring a continual supply of oxygen mixed with paralysis gas kept her in a semi comatose state.

As a final humiliation to the proud Amazon, Cheetah had taken her tiara and bracelets and discarded them next to the stricken heroine. "As you're soon to be an ex-Princess, you don't deserve to wear that", she snarled, pointing to the golden tiara that was slowly disappearing in to the concrete. "But I'm going to keep this", she smiled, holding up the golden lasso. "I have a feeling it will come in very useful".

Through the foggy haze Wonder Woman heard the taunting voice of Cheetah as she mocked her defeated nemesis, laughing as more ultra quick drying cement was poured in to her soon to be tomb. 

"This is so much better than stealing Candy", Cheetah laughed.
A late night rendevous by Tuffers-Art
A late night rendevous

Just to prove I'm still alive.....quiet, but still alive!!!! Apologies for that' :(

The quiet night in with a bottle of red wine and a DVD was interupted by the call.
Vital information regarding the recent activity of StepMom and Daddy's Girl. This was a lead SuperMum couldn't afford to ignore.
Unfortunately, as she was about to find out, it was all a set up *sigh*....aren't they all!!

Arriving at the rendevous point, SuperMum found not only the aforementioned dasterdly duo, but LuciNite, Bend and Stretch ready and waiting........

It was over almost before it began.

"Marvelous", cooed LuciNite. "Now throw her in the trunk and let's get out of here. The night is still young".

So, despite my absence, it would appear some things haven't changed!!

Steadfast and Resolute.... by Tuffers-Art
Steadfast and Resolute....

Several miles outside The City limits, in an abandoned warehouse.....................................

Following a tip-off, SuperMum and Supreme Girl are quickly on the scene.....and are quickly overpowered and captured...damn you paralysis/knockout/ragdoll gas!! (Seems her captors wanted to make sure ;) )

As SM slowly regains consciousness, she finds herself held tight and unable to move, posed in her famous hands on hips heroic stance her predicament seemingly going from bad to very bad (worserer even!! :lol:) as the instantly recognisable, and I have to say, very mocking, voice of Lucinda Knight aka LuciNite seems to feel her head,

"Welcome back Super Chump. I knew you'd fall for my trap. You ALWAYS fall for my traps. Come to think of it, you always fall for everyone's traps. Either you're very gullible, a very useless Super or you just like being captured, bound and gagged", Lucinite laughed, as SM tried desperately to free herself, but to no avail. Luckily the tape gag stuck firmly over our heroine's mouth made everything muffled and incomprehensible (I think she swore.....a lot! :O )

"Keep struggling my won't help. It would take a pneumatic drill to free you from that. Still, it will soon be over..........just one more session and you'll be sealed forever, a permanent statue for the people of this City. In fact it was me that suggested to the Council that a statue of you be errected in the City Square, as a token of our appreciation of your efforts to keep the poor, downtrodden citizens safe", once again she laughed, this time the sniggering of Bend and Stetch joining in. "A suggestion I have to say that was eagerly accepted". She smiled up at the helpless heroine, slowly adjusting her hair. "If only they knew what their precious statue was actually made from, I reckon they'd think again".

As the full horror of her imprisonment dawned on SuperMum, Lucinda Knight played her trump card.

"But don't fret my dear....we'll look after Supreme Girl. Indeed, even as you begin your new position in Freedom Square, a target for every pigeon in the City, Bend and Stretch have promised they will give her their undivided attention, so that should be a weight off your mind". As she spoke Stretch gave SuperMum the thumbs up. "Oh wait", Lucinda carried on..."That's coming now", she laughed, checking the time. "OK, I believe that's tea break over. Finish her off. We need to have her delivered and in place by noon tomorrow. It's going to be a most gratifying opening ceremony"!

She began to walk away, took a couple of steps then turned back to the stricken heroine. "If only you could see your own would make you chuckle"! The sound of villainous mocking laughter drowned out the muffled gagged protests of SuperMum. 



Just hanging out
United Kingdom
Current Residence: England.....
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Extra Large...oh yes , and we're not talking around the gut region *winks*...such a liar!!
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Folk/Punk/Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Classical
Favourite photographer: Pioneers who stood behind a camera as it 'exploded' when the picture was taken....
Favourite style of art: Any, as long as it's not expressed using the medium of dance! (Dance is evil!!)
Operating System: The Hamster died so finally got XP.....the Hamster was quicker..(Adapted from old CoH Server joke!)
MP3 player of choice: MP3!!! ...Pffft...get a Walkman and get back to the 80's
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Favourite cartoon character: The entire Justice League....or Stewie Griffin
Personal Quote: What?...You actually believed what I said!!....That makes you the idiot
I've lost track of the number of times, I've rendered a picture and studied it for what seems ages and everything looks fine so submitted it.

As soon as it's submitted, I look again and immediately *BANG* see something I don't like (normally the whole thing :omg: ), or something is out of place or a glaring error that I just didn't pick up on before, despite having been staring at the picture for about ten minutes previously. I will swear blind that it was ok before I submitted least it looked ok to me! 

Anyway, I've resigned myself that this is always going to happen, unless I gain some patience and wait another day before checking and submitting, and even then I bet I see something else two seconds after it's submitted! :(

Am I alone in this? I have a feeling I probably am.
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